Privacy Policy

Seishin Enterprise Co., Ltd. properly handle with and protect customers' private information (name, tel, e-mail address, date of birth etc.), following the guidelines below. Please contact us after agreeing to them.

1. Collection of private information
  We obtain private information of customers who contact us via phones, e-mails, application and inquiry forms and entry information through web sites of recruitment agencies in a proper way.
2. Use of private information
  1) We use such private information only for the purpose:
    (1) to contact to the customers, proceed with purchase orders, and provide regular information from us.
    (2) to improve our products and services and meet the customers' requirements by statistical reserch and questionare on the use of our products and services.
  2) We do not use such private information without customers' consent.
3 Management of private information
  We take security measures and required for prevention of private information leakage and properly manage such information.
4 Reference and correction of private information

Please contact us if you want to check or correct your private information.