Messages from Chairman & President

Message from Chairman


Seishin Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a group of young ambitious people.
As the same human being born in the beautiful planet of earth, we always create something new to pursue the maximum ideal and experience enhancement of life.
Even though employee's jobs are different from each other, all of them act as if they are managers of the company,generate and complete jobs by themselves with passions.
A place where employees with youthful energy wildly challenge to realize their great dreams is Seishin Enterprise and Seishinism.
Commemorating 40th anniversary, we challenge new business fields with our accumulated know-how on powder technologies and strong will to lead a new era in Japan and at the same time pursue presercation of the environment of the earth and a lasting peace.

Seishin Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Hiroshi Okamoto, Chairman

Message from President

presidentSeishin Enterprise Co., Ltd. aims for the best seller and the best manufacturer and wishes to make a hundred or a thousand history with you. Our 40-year history has brought particle size distribution analyzers, powder property analyzers, jet mills, air knockers, custom processing business to the market. We have built the foundation of powder related industry and have led the market. We believe that it is a result of hearing precious advices from many users and pursuing "better." Seishin Enterprise also has analyzed the changing environment inside and outside of the country as the leader of the powder related industry, buit a structure complied with laws and regulations and shows a willingness to contribute to the society. Economic assistance to students in developing contries through universities in Japan and a joint development project with national research institutes to establish new technologies have fully started. Bringing pleasure through sports is also our contribution to the society. Seishin Enterprise performs its mission to launch new businesses leading the market and pursues development of economy and industries by fully utilizing the experienced employees' knowledge and the young employees' powers. Seishin Enterprise has each employee think as a manager, learns from customers and wishes to grow up with you.

Seishin Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Shigenobu Mishima, President